Tax benefits and deductions

Thanks to the enactment of the law for building renovations (Development Decree Decree Decree No. 83 of June 22, 2012), the 50 percent deduction of the price of MisterStep products purchased from June 26, 2012 to December 31, 2024 will be applied to your tax return (Irpef) for the next ten years.

  • Who can take advantage of the deduction?

The following are eligible for the deduction on renovation expenses:

  • owners
  • holders of a right of enjoyment (usufruct, use, dwelling)
  • tenants or comodatari
  • members of divided and undivided cooperatives
  • members of simple partnerships
  • sole proprietors, for real estate not included among capital or commodity assets

Want more information? Check out the site of Agenzia delle Entrate where you will find all the updated details.

  • How to take advantage of the 50% TAX DEDUCTION?

To take advantage of the 50% tax deduction, it is necessary to:

1. confirm the order online, choosing "bank transfer" as the payment method

2. send an email to containing order number and the request to take advantage of the 50% tax deduction (nb: specify any details you want to be included in the invoice before it is issued)

3. wait for the processing and emailing of our advance invoice

4. make the bank transfer payment, indicating in the reason for the payment the number of the invoice issued

  • How to take advantage of the ADVANTAGE VAT FOR BUILDING RENOVATIONS (4%)?

To take advantage of the 4% preferential VAT, it is necessary to:

1. confirm the order online, choosing "bank transfer" as the method of payment
2. send an email to attaching the following documents:

    • declaration of liability (downloadable at the following link) completed and signed; being a self-certification it is necessary to fill out the form completely in all its parts (including the type of intervention *** ). In case of doubts, we recommend that you contact the technician supervising the work
    • copy of the building permit/DIA/SCIA
    • double-sided copy of the identity document

3. Wait for the outcome of the document check by our administration

4. If successful, we will email the advance invoice with the correct final amount

5. make the transfer payment

 For more information you can contact us at 0423- 968160 (Mon-Fri, 8-12/13.30-17.30).


In case of extraordinary and ordinary maintenance, 10% vat cannot be applied. This facility provides for invoicing the product and installation in one tax document. By not providing the installation service for our products, this facilitation is not applicable.